Terms & Conditions & Privacy

The customer and the Flemish Rocket Organisation (VRO) declare that these general terms and conditions of sale apply to any sale and all deliveries of VRO products, materials and software (the "VRO Products" or "VRO Product") that are traded by the Flemish Rocket Organisation. The VRO cannot be bound by additional or deviating conditions of the customer. Giving an order to the VRO simultaneously implies acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.

PRICE: Prices are in EURO and include taxes. All handling and packaging costs are already included in the product price. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices in US Dollar (USD) are for customer convenience only. The VRO will regularly adjust the EUR / USD exchange rate to approximate the current exchange rate as closely as possible. The prices applicable at the time of the order remain valid until the delivery of the order concerned.

PAYMENT: The customer who make his payment prior to delivery. This can be done via bank transfer (bank giro) (IBAN / SWIFT), credit card (via PayPal), or PayPal, unless otherwise agreed with the VRO eShop representative. Cash on delivery (COD) is not possible. VRO members have the option to pick up the products at the secretariat after appointment or during the members' meetings. Since the VRO is a small after-hours activity, we cannot grant credit and deliver the products before payment has been received.

ORDERS: An order is only valid if it is accepted by the VRO. Once the order has been accepted, the customer will receive a purchase confirmation and invoice by e-mail. The products are immediately reserved, but only sent after payment of the invoice. The VRO will only receive orders from people over 18 years old

LIMITED WARRANTY: VRO Products composed of materials ("hardware") are covered by a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a limited period of 6 months from date of shipment or first use at launch (whichever occurs first) . Depending on the defect or problem, the VRO will replace the product in whole or in part. If the product has to be returned or replaced, the responsibility for the return of the product and the associated transport costs will be borne by the customer. Written Return of Material Approval (FRM – RMA) must be obtained before returning the product. The warranty provided in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale does not apply to defects in the VRO Products that are the result of an accident or incorrect use.
NO OTHER WARRANTY. Without prejudice to the provisions herein, the VRO Products are accepted as they are on delivery, without any additional warranty of any kind, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or of any kind. any other warranty. The VRO makes no representation or warranty with regard to the use of the VRO Products or the performance of these Products in terms of performance, precision or reliability, or in any other terms.

LIABILITY FOR EXCLUDED DAMAGES. The entire liability of the VRO, its licensors, distributors and suppliers (including their directors, employees and representatives) is as set forth in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. To the fullest extent permitted by law, these licensors, distributors, suppliers, including any indirect, incidental, exceptional damages including expenses, lost profits, business interruption, loss of information, or losses incurred as a result of the use, or inability to use, to use products, even if they have been advised that such damage may be incurred. The customer acknowledges that the purchase prices or the license prices for the VRO Products are determined with due observance of the fact that this liability is excluded. The VRO will not be liable for any damage caused by a defect in the VRO Product or an error committed by the victim or a person for whom the victim is responsible.

Privacy declaration

When you surf through the pages of the Flemish Rocket Organisation, you do so anonymously. Personal information that is requested when you register as an eShop user is only used by the Flemish Rocket Organisation for internal use and to be able to help you in the best possible way. The Flemish Rocket Organisation is a non-profit association. Under no circumstances do we sell the personal data of our registered website visitors to friendly associations or companies. You should make sure that when you use our website your current IP address is stored. This IP address will only be transferred by the Flemish Rocket Organisation to the competent authorities if we are sure that you have misused our website or services.